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Helping service providers translate their expertise into a stand out program  

So you can spend less time on marketing and more time doing what you love

Rachel Aiken of Rachel Aiken Consulting
Working at Outdoor Cafe
To successfully scale your service based business you know you need to get more clients results- and that you can do it with a group program

However, the online space has become more sophisticated, and demand has shifted to high quality programs that get client results.


But most service providers struggle to create programs at this level because they: 

  • don’t feel enough of an expert

  • don’t have a unique framework for their clients

  • don’t know how to design a results focused curriculum

  • don’t know how to deliver a program that embraces the individual

  • don’t use data to track their clients progress

And ultimately struggle to stand out from others in their industry

But knowing where to start is overwhelming

I’ve worked with ambitious women just like you to turn their genius into programs that not only gets their clients results but also stand out online without having to become an expert in social media and launches. 

How is what we do different?

When we work together, we dive deep into who you are, what you do and how you get results with your clients.


We then use this data to create your Success Activators-  ‘assets’ that make you stand out from others. 

These are: 

  1. Your unique, inimitable framework bespoke to your genius

  2. A curriculum based program, designed to get results using the Results Trifecta

  3. Your distinctive Thought Leadership: steeped in your framework and that becomes the basis for your marketing

Taking Notes

Ways to work together

Create a program

Looking to create a new program OR revamp an existing one?

You need Expansion

Strategic support

Looking for some one off help?

Book a Strategy Session

When working together, my clients create a business
and life they love that looks like:
  • a place to direct all the referral clients (rather than a waitlist)

  • more income- because people pay their payment plans

  • less time working with clients 1:1, more time to do the things they love

  • raising their prices for 1:1 work

  • taking a whole month off in their business

  • only working in their zone of genius

  • more time to study and deepen their expertise

  • standing on stages and becoming known for their method

Sarah Khan.jpeg

Working with Rachel was such a joy. She helped me develop an idea that had been kicking around in my head for over a year. And gave me the step by step on how to move forward with it. If you’re waffling about trying to figure out your next steps in developing your program, talk to Rachel. 

Sarah Khan- Corporate Rehab
Scale you business in 3 simple steps

Hi, I'm Rachel

Founder of The Program Academy and super passionate about learning

Here's how I'm different to other program/course creators:

  • I've worked in top UK Universities ensuring they got the student results they promised.

  • I've led innovative programs for a Government Education Project 

  • As a fully qualified teacher, I created innovative curriculums for 11-18 year olds, including for GCSE and A-Levels qualifications.

  • I mentored new teachers to become rated 'outstanding'.

  • I've had my own business supporting online businesses for over 5 years and also have a Foundation in Business Mentoring qualification to ensure I bring you the best service. 

  • Even though all this ^ is about me, when we work together it's all about you. 


Want the latest program insights?

I send regular tips and tricks by email to my community- come join us!

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