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An online education and consulting company that guides amazing women to build scalable businesses


We know you’re an incredible, ambitious woman who started a business based on what you know and love.

And because you've been in business a while, you know that success is caring about your clients and helping them get amazing results.


So how come when it comes to creating a program that does your reputation justice, it feels like an uphill battle?  


Fact is… the online space is saturated with people sharing how to create programs based on ideas that worked 15 years ago. The truth is people want and deserve better.

Your ideal clients are looking for  high quality programs that will get them results.  And as most online programs don't teach you HOW to do this, it can feel overwhelming. 

This is where I can help..

I’m Rachel, and I know all about what you’re going through. In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me… 

  • For 15 years, I ensured university and school programmes delivered on their promise 

  • I’m a fully qualified teacher and I’ve trained new teachers 

  • When I had my children, I left my teaching career and worked with high-level business owners who wanted to grow and scale their online businesses


My extensive experience means I have unique skills to support you to create a next level program experience.

Retreat 6_edited.jpg

Coming from a background in education where results are a daily conversation, I was astonished that this was not a priority for ANY of my clients when I first ventured online. It was more of a consideration. Yes, there were the ‘exceptional results’ often showcased as testimonials- but what about the ‘typical’ results your clients are currently getting? Unfortunately, they were never tracked- so no one could tell me.

And it wasn’t just the results- the majority of programs I saw inside (both as a consultant AND a consumer) were not set up for learner success. They were either muddled in their curriculum, or completely boring, and in most cases did not make it easy to take action. I can guarantee this is why online programs have an average completion rate of 52%!


I decided that people deserved BETTER when taking the leap to learn with someone else, so I pivoted my business which has now become The Program Academy. 

The mission

 I want to see women build scalable and sustainable businesses with high quality programs that:​

  • attract TRUE ideal clients with ease- because they know who their program works for

  • retains clients- because they create a supportive and engaging client experience

  • brings in recurring, predictable revenue because their clients honour their payment plans

  • are reputable for getting clients results 

  • and referable- so that you can do LESS marketing

My focus is different to other programs because we work with everything you already have to create assets derived from your genius. I call them the Success Activators and they are based on foundational education principles.

  • A unique methodology: When you create a unique methodology which is based on your own experience and expertise, you are identifying not only what helps clients get results, but also the WHY. 

  • A results focused program: Your method can then inform a curriculum, designed to get the same results you get 1:1. Combine it with core teaching principles for engaging delivery and using our Results Trifecta, your clients will be setup to complete your program and get the result you promise. They’ll soon be referring you to everyone they know!

  • Your distinctive thought leadership: In a world of emerging AI, with others using it to write their content, YOUR unique thoughts based on your experience in your industry will help you stand out for all the right reasons- your expertise. PLUS using the data from your own program, you’ll be able to speak authoritatively making your marketing a breeze. 

Retreat 8.jpeg

Working with Rachel is like a virtual warm hug. I wanted to create a group program that meant something, that brought my clients tangible results. She not only helped me do that but she also brought actual accountability to my business. My revenue doubled this year and I know that it is because of her proven process and guidance.

Amy Kehs- Love my Museum
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